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Gerson Lehrman Group

GLG is an Independent Consulting Platform

Consulting on Technology & Markets for Battery and Allied Industries through Gerson Lehrman Group [GLG]

 Need to know how a particular battery business is perceived in the industry?

 Following a battery technology that looks like a market-changer?

 Interested in how trends in the battery market affect the market for applications? Or for raw materials suppliers?


 Hybrid Electric Vehicles HEV], Plug-in Hybrids [PHEV]

 Telecommunication Backup Power

 Military/ Government Applications

 Portable Consumer Appliances

 Briefing is focused on what you need to know, often in less than one hour.

 Conducted through an independent consulting platform Gerson Lehrman Group [GLG]

 Expert summary and interpretation of relevant information from the public domain on your topics of interest.

 Additional resources including other experts, GLG News and GLG events available with GLG membership.

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