Bringing the power of lithium to everyday business.

Element 3 BatTery Venture

Element 3 BatTery Venture

Bringing the power of lithium to everyday business.

Element 3 Battery Venture, LLC [E3BV] offers expert information on the Battery Industry with particular attention to Lithium Batteries and their growing place within rechargeable applications.

Automotive applications like Hybrid Electric Vehicles [HEV] and Plug-in Hybrids [PHEV] have fueled battery development and expanded battery markets. In addition, demand has grown for advanced battery backup power in commercial and military/ governmental applications.


These emerging markets have led to new requirements for customized battery solutions. OEMs expect turnkey systems that are designed to meet their applications particular balance among key factors:

Successful battery manufacturers match the attributes of their technology to specific applications and provide engineered battery solutions that optimize value for end-users. E3BV aims to explain these factors and the trade-offs among them in the context of:

E3BV offers four services that respond to the needs of Investors, Independent Financial Analysts, Technology Professionals and Business Managers covering the Battery and Allied Industries. Each service is customized to meet the goals and expectations of our clients.

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 Battery Life

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 Industry Trends

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